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  1. So starting in winter may not affect me IF my winter 2021 grades are my lowest grades, since they would be dropped anyway?(I checked the UoT website; what you are saying seems to be true)
  2. Does that mean my winter 2021 grades does not matter in the cGPA calculation? (Sorry if this is a stupid question; I am pretty new to this)
  3. Well, let's suppose they don't. What schools can I apply to? Are there any schools that will consider me eligible for their own wGPA formula?
  4. Well, I have already started. What are my options now? It is sad to see getting handicapped because of slow processing. edit: grammar
  5. Hello, I originally applied to my undergrad school for the Fall 2020, before the application deadlines, but very slow processing made the decision come out really late and my academic advisors strongly recommended for me to defer my classes to the Winter 2021. I then started to want to go to medical school. I deferred my admission to the winter semester but I am worried as the wGPA formula for most schools may not count. Also, for schools like Schulich School of Medicine, you have to have all of your classes in corresponding year level. This may not happen as my classes may shift because
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