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  1. Any one in this program? What is the admission rate? Is it very competitive to get in?
  2. I am having a difficult time to choose one profession from these two! Pharmacy school or nursing school? I only want to be clinical pharmacist. Not the retail. Don’t know how hard it is...
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am very hesitated for the long school years. I don’t know what is the future job market for pharmacist. I have master degree in chemistry, it is not easy to find good paying job as chemist. And no job security. I have a passion for health professions, I also considered bachelor of nursing program which is another 4 years....
  4. Hi I am a non traditional student, I am 40 years old. I have interests to apply to pharmd program. what is the job market in the future, especially hospital pharmacist. I heard the US job market for pharmacist is very saturated now, very difficult to find a job after graduation. How about Canada? I live in Alberta but is open to move to different provinces. thank you
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