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  1. Appreciate the support, sincerely! Will certainly try my best to stay off the forums - you’re definitely right, it’s likely the only way to stay sane through this process. Best of luck to all
  2. No worries! Unfortunately 3rd, so I know my odds are extremely low based on movement last year, but the email from Friday said 0 spots have been filled thus far, which has given me a (potentially misguided) glimmer of hope. Offers are still being made in the 1st quartile as of the Friday email
  3. Just curious, how do you know the OOP waitlist is shorter than last year? That was my assumption too, given the 2 rounds of rejections, but it was only a guess. As someone on the OOP waitlist, any info would help alleviate anxiety lol
  4. On another note, does anyone know if the “Average” is “applicant average” or “interview invite average?”
  5. Take solace in the fact that with that GPA and MCAT, it’s a matter of “when” and not “if” you get into med school if you’re willing to boost ECs. And honestly, lots of the time it seems like admissions people look more at what you learned/how you grew from ECs vs what the actual activity is, so it could be something as simple presenting yourself in a different manner
  6. Appreciate the support! Definitely messed up a couple sections, and not the fastest typer, so I think I know where I went wrong, but still stings lol
  7. I think they lowered the OOP MCAT cutoff at least partially. I was initially rejected pre-interview, and then offered an interview a couple weeks later. 519 MCAT, 132 CARS, not sure about Casper but I don’t think great, as I did not receive a Mac interview (IP Ontario)
  8. Hi guys, first time OOP applicant this year. Took a look at the admissions manual and it states that we will hear results “by May 31, 2021 at the latest.” Does anyone who applied in previous years remember if the manual stated the same date last year? I know offers were sent out on May 15 last year, just wondering if they may have pushed it back this year.
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