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  1. I'm a trainer right now and it's good experience but not necessary obviously. Unless you're training ppl privately you likely wouldn't get hired at a gym given time constraints developing a roster of clients. After being hired most gyms expect you to spend lots of time at the gym throughout the busy hours of the day. Unless a gym is willing to hire you as an evening block trainer. Getting certified is costly, can be between 700-1200 depending on the certifying body. Just focus on school and getting high marks. Apply for some shadowing/volunteer work at a physio clinic as you'l
  2. For any UofS PT lurkers, the waitlist has moved 5 ppl so far out of the pool of 20. Would love to hear from any other admitted or waitlisted people.
  3. Hi, I hope all of you make it in! Coming from a UofS PT waitlister. Anybody here get into PT and are just waiting on med decision? Ngl, hoping I can slip in with your success! GLTA
  4. Looking for any fellow UofS PT waitlisters to stay in touch with as we wait out the summer. PM me
  5. U of S Pt Status: waitlisted #10 out of 20 Admission average: 86.9% I've made the admissions cutoff 3yrs running now, gradually improving my end result each time but obviously frustrated with failing to make the top 34 yet again. CASPer went well but can obviously improve, and my personal profile was decent considering I only have a 100 word limit. It seems like the U of S PT program might have had fewer applicants than previous yrs (2019-160, 2020-216) since the waitlist this year dropped from 25 to 20. Hoping somebody lurking here can give me hope
  6. UofS PT applicant, found out I've been wait listed at# 10 out of 20 ppl right now. The results email stated anywhere from 5-20 ppl are moved from the list. Anybody care to share stats from previous years for wait list admissions? It's my 3rd time applying and I'm a bit crushed, though I improved from 24 of 25 from last yr waitlist
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