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  1. ENJOYMENT Employees never just openly yell madly, even not today.
  2. THOUGHTS The hunter operates underneath grass, hiding 'til sunrise.
  3. CAPTIVATES Calgary attracts people that imitate vampires—acting, talking, evading sunlight!
  4. GRANDPA Given resources, a nitrogen dispenser performs admirably.
  5. NONCOMPETITIVE Nonnatural oceans need carbon, oxygen, minerals, plants, etc. The idea though, is very exciting.
  6. NYMPHOMANIAC New Year's means parties. Hordes of manic attendees, nearby inside, acquiring coronavirus.
  7. YVONNE Yellowknife's violin orchestra needs no elaboration.
  8. RESOURCES Rally every solider. Our unified ranks crush enemies soundly.
  9. ENDANGERED Each new dream and nightmare gets easier. Rest easy, dreamer.
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