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  1. SPEEDBOAT Seriously pondering escaping each day by offering a totem.
  2. HALIBUT Half alive, like I'm borrowing unauthorized time.
  3. EVERYBODY Everyone's vibing energetically, really! You better openly dance, yeah?
  4. LITIGATION Life is turbulent; it gets awesome, then insane, over night.
  5. RHUBARB Real heroes understand battle as resoundingly brutal.
  6. GENERALLY Great, even no electricity runs anymore, let's look yonder.
  7. KANGAROO Kids are not great at reading or observing.
  8. YACHTSMANSHIP Yesterday, a calm hero travelled south, meeting a nameless seer holding insightful prophecies.
  9. ENJOYMENT Employees never just openly yell madly, even not today.
  10. THOUGHTS The hunter operates underneath grass, hiding 'til sunrise.
  11. CAPTIVATES Calgary attracts people that imitate vampires—acting, talking, evading sunlight!
  12. GRANDPA Given resources, a nitrogen dispenser performs admirably.
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