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  1. Yea agreed - I think the ideal case is Family med (I assume that's 2 years). Gotta wait and see what the GPA looks like... damn you Med school nerds with your high GPAs lol. thanks for advice though
  2. Agreed as well - though the numbers I'd say definitely win out here as well - but for sure the feeling of becoming a doctor is a incredible achievement, the respect, etc.
  3. Agree with you guys that shouldnt under estimate comparative salary of NPs (though 120-140 depending on specialty) I think MD salary of 27% overhead is probably overstated, or self-selected based off reporting as I'm hearing quite higher salaries from my brother and his friends. That and of course tax savings by being incorporated - I think it does win out by large margin especially if you can treat your work more like a business/clinic. As for what you're saying NP vs MD burn out - you could very well be right. I'd assume she would want to go family (which is very chill) and co-open a
  4. Could I ask where you got in? Her focus would be Ontario... ideally GTA. Appreciate the answer
  5. I think for my wife its also RN burn out, under appreciated and under paid. 4 years lost income + tuition + 1 year residency difference (~480k) - would take 3 years of Family med at $250k salary to cover it up... but I hope the goal is for her to live longer than 40 --> not to mention as well the huge tax savings working as a corporation. She's also just fed up with RN - I'm in business and I work half has hard as she does and make more than twice her salary, so she's gotten even more frustrated seeing it play out at home as well. So it has become one of those things we've been tal
  6. RNs make peanuts - lost income is not even a factor here (lose out on ~85k a year for 4 years to make ~250K-300K for the next 30 years) NP could be a alternative, but even they dont make much (140 and still dealing with burn out)
  7. I'm doing a bit of preliminary research for my wife - She's been a RN for past 7 years at Sick Kids, can get stellar references (not sure if that really matters for Med School admissions) She's done a Masters, part-time instructor, and has ran numerous labs. Here GPA should be 3.7+ for both undergrad and I think Masters My question then goes... is her biggest obstacle to Med School acceptance in a Ontario school her MCAT score? I read that they've eliminated pre-requisites (so I assume her nursing program + masters should be enough --> never took organic chemistry or
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