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  1. At the site selection meeting one of the presenters said that there was the potential for 200 applicants to be on the call. Maybe it a big assumption but I’m guessing that how many were still in the running for a seat. 100 are accepted so that leaves another 100 split between each waitlist. If split 50/50 (which it might not be) and I’m 3rd quarter WL that leaves 25+ people ahead. This is 100% speculative though.
  2. Result - Waitlisted (3rd quartile) GPA - 86 MCAT - 503 Location - IP Degree - UG Interview - Felt as though it went well but tough to tell. One was definitely a little rough. Not counting on much movement for IP waitlist and I imagine there’s around 30 people ahead so planning on MCAT rewrite.
  3. One of my references notified me that they changed their number (due to work from home) when I informed them that they may be contacted soon. I have sent an email to update their contact info with admin but worry a contact attempt may have already been made. Does any one know if the University will contact you for updated info if this is the case.
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