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  1. Core: 68.2% Last 30: 83.6% My marks are pretty trash, but was enough to land an interview and offer with the first waves. Good luck next year!
  2. In SSC, Admissions > Letter of Admission? but I don’t have anything on mine, so I’m not sure
  3. Oh, I think they meant the email from admission? Once I got that email yesterday, I was able to accept the offer and paid my deposit
  4. Oh I wasn’t expecting a letter...I got the email from admissions saying my application had been updated. and under the application status, it now says congratulations... instead of we are reviewing your application
  5. Yeap, that’s the faculty email! You’ll the the admission one and SSC update soon!
  6. Probably not. I’m assuming it’s by last name and I’m M... But if you got the faculty email, you’ll be fine! The admission office must just be very busy with other programs and students coming in from high school.
  7. I’ve got my admission email a few hours after the faculty email yesterday. So I guess they are slowly working at it
  8. Just wondering if all the interview times are the same? Mines scheduled for May 1st at 8am
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