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  1. So I read online that it takes 24 months of living in alberta to gain in province. In your opinion would it be worth it for me to study my first 2 years at ubc then transfer?
  2. I actually do prefer going to ubc. As I’m a bc resident I already have IP status in bc so I’m wondering if moving for undergrad either now or later to get IP status in Alberta too is worth it
  3. So I’m currently a grade 12 bc student with offers for both ubc and uofc for kinesiology. I am wondering if moving to Calgary for undergrad is worth the albertan in province status in the future. but tbh I would prefer going to ubc much more because I already know a lot of older friends in the program that could give me advice and guide me through the program. Would it still be worth moving? Another thing that I could possibly do is transfer to Calgary after my 2nd year. any thoughts on what I should do would be very helpful. im also not dead se
  4. Yeah I get that the program that I choose doesn’t matter in the eyes of med schools, but for example I’ve heard Toronto’s program really focuses on physical education and steers people to become pe teachers which I’m not trying to be. So I just wanted some opinions on the differences between the 2 programs
  5. Currently a grade 12 student in Vancouver BC. I’ve applied to Calgary, Toronto and UBC for kin. I’ve been accepted to both Calgary and Toronto but am still waiting for UBC. But at this point I feel like my chances of getting into UBC are pretty slim even though it’s my first choice as admissions is ending soon. My goal is to get into med school one day and I’m hoping for some advice as to which program would give me a better chance to achieve my goal.
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