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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply. Really appreciate it. I am someone who enjoys GIM quite a bit and have been between GIM with cardiac interest vs gen cardio. If I do gen cardio, is it still doable to like get a full gim job in gta and complement that with outpt cardio or once you do cardio, you will be not as preferred for the GIM job. Also how is the GIM job in big centres in GTA right now and any predictions for the next three yrs by any chance?
  2. Hi everyone, I am an IM resident in ontario. I have an interest in cardiology, mainly general cardiology though and not any of its specific fellowships. What I have been seeing is that most of the fellows have to do extra 2 years in something (EP, imaging, etc.) to get a job but nobody really talks about general cardio. Not sure it is because people don’t want to do it or the lack of job forces people to do extra years. Was wondering how is the job market for general cardio in places like GTA, ottawa, London and how is the income/lifestyle. Really appreciate it.
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