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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows how location status works for those accepted - I was given Regina (my second choice). If a spot opens in Saskatoon is an already accepted applicant placed there if that’s the site they chose or does it automatically go to the wait list (I hope this makes sense) thanks for the advice in advance
  2. Result: Accepted (Regina - Second choice) GPA: 86.75 MCAT: 502 (LOL) Location: IP Degree: BSN 2019 (Great Distinction) Interview: This was my first cycle applying so I had no idea what to expect however I felt that my interview went well as I was able to tie in a lot of my experiences as a nurse within the healthcare system. All my interviewers were super friendly and the stations were as I expected and had practiced for. Congratulations to all those who were accepted - I cannot wait to meet you this summer/fall! Best of luck to those on the waitlist - YOU C
  3. Hey! This morning I was emailed a "Site Selection Information Session" document - was just wondering if this email is sent to everyone left in the application process or if it is more indicative of better things to come
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