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  1. Just declined my spot (Hamilton), good luck to everyone still on the WL!! :))
  2. Just declined my offer, good luck to everyone still on the WL!! :))
  3. Hi everyone! Congratulations to everyone who has received offers this cycle, and best of luck to those still on the WL!! My fingers are crossed for y'all :)) I was lucky enough to receive offers to UofT, Mac, and Ottawa (off of WL literally right now) and was wondering if folks who are in a similar boat (or who already attend any of these schools) could share some pros and cons of each? I think I'm leaning more towards Toronto but also I am admittedly a bit terrified bc I don't know anyone there and have heard it is much more rigorous (and stressful). Any advice and insights wo
  4. thank you so much! I'm not sure ab the time created but I received the email at 9:02 AM and my GPA is 4.0!
  5. I GOT A MAC OFFER ALSJDHKKASDHJSHAK!!!! I am hoping the best for everyone still waiting <3
  6. I didn't have the green circle earlier, but it came for me today. I have been stressing *a lot* over this as my friend has had the circle since Sunday... Perhaps it doesn't mean anything? :") (or perhaps it does)
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