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  1. I got accepted to McGill QY PT, I got my email on Monday (in-province & former McGill undergrad). cGPA: 3.85. If you're out of province maybe they'll let you know soon!
  2. • Applied + (PT or OT): PT and OT - McGill QY, Queen's, McMaster, UofT, Western, uOttawa (just PT) • Accepted: McGill QY PT, Queen's PT, Western PT • Waitlisted: McGill QY OT, UofT OT, McMaster OT, UofT PT, uOttawa PT • Rejected: McMaster PT (after interview), Western OT, Queen's OT • GPA: cGPA: 3.85, sGPA: 3.87 from BSc Anatomy & Cell Biology at McGill I did a bit of PT shadowing this past December at a outpatient sports clinic and a hospital that I used to work at. Did clinical research in the Orthopaedic department, got to observe some surgeries and post-op follow ups, recr
  3. good luck to everyone waiting to hear from ontario schools! we've all worked so hard for this, here to chat if anyone needs emotional support ♥️
  4. Thank you so much. Yes, at 9:01 am EST! (I'm in province, and did McGill undergrad if people are curious)
  5. Thanks! No, I just got an email about it, but on uapply for OT it still says "In Review". And it also still says "Submitted" for PT for me as well!
  6. Nope, both of my applications still say "Submitted". I asked them when we'll expect to hear back but no response yet.
  7. I got accepted to both Queen's Health Sci and McGill Anatomy & Cell Biology (and UofT) for undergrad and I chose McGill! I'm from Montreal and love the people and city too. I really enjoyed the program once I made some friends in it. The first year was very intense when getting used to the learning style but the program definitely got easier and more interesting as it went on. The profs were all generally amazing and the anatomy labs are great! I got quite a high GPA (3.85/4.0) in the program but I studied like 10 hours every day, it really does take that amount of effort unless you have a
  8. Hey, anyone who previously applied to PT and/or OT QY for McGill when did you hear back? I read in 2019 it was around this time of year but it seems this year it might be later? Thanks for any insight.
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