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  1. I live in Ontario and haven't heard anything from Dalhousie OT. Has anyone OOP been given an acceptance at Dal? Or heard about when we will get a response? I previously heard "end of May" but when is that haha !
  2. Yes, sure! Here is the data I have as of now and will continue to add more as I get more responses. Stats of Grad Applicants.xlsx
  3. Thank you! So far, I have gone through the majority of the OT posts on this forum and here are my preliminary results Average sGPA of all applicants: 3.795 Average cGPA of all applicants: 3.672 Total students included in data: 33 Total Acceptances to any OT program: 42 Total Waitlist Offers to any OT program: 15 Total Rejections to any OT program: 41 I will keep taking data as its posted and also look into averages per school (accept/waitlist/reject). I have everything in a spreadsheet broken down by school currently.
  4. Hi OT applicants, I am making an excel spreadsheet of stats to help OT future applicants as I will be applying again next time. If you could respond to my post or direct message me that would be great! sGPA: cGPA: #of times you applied: Schools you applied to and their responses: Hours of experience:
  5. I was rejected from OT at Western last night and I still haven't heard anything from Queen's or Dalhousie OT. I'm assuming that means I have been rejected. Did anyone receive emails from Queen's? or is it just on ORPAS? I have also been rejected from 4 SLP programs and this is my third time applying. I have a sGPA of 3.51 and a cGPA of 3.33, 600+ hours of clinical experience. Honours bachelor in Psychology, and a post-grad certificate in autism and behavioural sciences.
  6. Has anyone been accepted/rejected/waitlisted at Dalhousie OT who is not an east coast resident?
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to this page and just thought I'd introduce myself. I am applying to S-LP at UWO, McGill, McMaster, and Dalhousie. I was rejected at all of them except Dalhousie, where I was put on the waitlist. I am also applying to OT at Dalhousie, Queen's, and UWO. I am applying to SLP for the THIRD time, and OT for the first time. I have a 3.51 subGPA and a 3.3 cumulative GPA. Does anyone know if that GPA will give me a chance of getting in for OT? I am not feeling super confident about it, haha. I have an honours bachelor in psychology, and a graduate certificate i
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