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  1. Salut tout le monde! S'il y a des personnes admises à McGill dans le programme med-p/dent-p, écrivez-moi! Je vais vous rajouter au groupe sur Messenger!
  2. I am sorry! I forgot to mention that anyone in dent-p who would also like to be added to the group chat could message me
  3. salut à tous ! je tenais à partager mes stats et des ressources pour les futures applicants !! cégep: dawson/health science cote r: 37.631 mcgill: admise à mtl (accepted the offer) udem: admise à mtl ulaval: admise à qc sherby: admise à sherbrooke CV: assez chargé disons, mais n’inquiétez vous pas trop avec ça ! casper: j’ai écrit mon test en français! j’ai pratiqué ma vitesse de frappe avec ce site web https://play.typeracer.com/. j’avais une vitesse de frappe de 70 mots par minute approximativement. je me sentais bien après l’écriture de mon tes
  4. I am pretty sure the waitlist rank would appear in the section with all the other documents. However, if there is no indication of rank, you are probably admitted to Mtl.
  5. I also got admitted into Med-P! Does anyone want to make a Messenger group chat?
  6. okay, but like, why is this the most beautiful Google Docs I’ve ever seen in my life! thank you so much, honestly, this is super helpful :))
  7. WoW! thank you so much! this is super helpful :)) I really appreciate it. I will look into all of this!!
  8. the insight is immaculate thank you PantryJar
  9. it’s okay, it was funny, I appreciated the humour, made me laugh
  10. well, yes!! that I know! I meant in terms of the curriculum, the extra-curricular activities, clinical experience, residency matches, and so on... :))
  11. Hey ! I applied to Med-P at both McGill and UdeM (fingers crossed). I was wondering if anyone had any input on the medical school curriculum at either McGill or UdeM (pros and cons). I am conflicted and have not even received responses from either school (we love hopeful thinking).
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