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  1. Thank you for all the supportive messages everyone! It seems like quite a few people share similar feelings of disconnectedness. I can only hope things change soon and it gets safer to have at least some form of socializing. In the meanwhile, there's probably not much to do besides taking things one day at a time. @Persephone - Thank you for the peer mentorship idea. My school has something similar and I signed up for being a part of a group at the beginning of the year, but unfortunately we only had one virtual meeting and that was it. However, I think the school allows for a one-time s
  2. Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on coping. I’m about to finish first year and at this point I can reliably say that I haven’t made a single friend. I’m not sure what happened, I really tried to participate in activities that would allow me to meet new people. I tried to organize virtual hangouts or study groups, tried to keep conversations going in online group chats, but they all fizzled out. It always seemed to get to a point when I was the only one initiating conversations, which was just too exhausting for me to keep up. I understand that pandemic restrictions play a big part
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