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  1. Pre-clerkship electives tend to have lower expectations since your preceptors will assume that you're there for career exploration. Show up early, read around cases if you know them before hand, demonstrate interest, and have situational awareness (if they seem super busy/stressed, just try to hang back and not get in the way). For clerkship electives, expectations are a bit higher, since they assume that you're there b/c you're interested. Again, show up early, pay attention to what the PGY1s are doing, learn to not get in the way, read around material/cases, ask insightful questions when pro
  2. Based on speaking to residents (small surgical specialty), it seems that it's a group decision and like shikimate mentioned, more often than not, a lukewarm/unfavourable comment tends to kick people out, rather than a good comment counting people in. Also, it seemed that ultimately resident input can matter just as much, if not more than staff (program dependent), since you've likely worked with them more frequently.
  3. Thanks @indefatigable! Just wanted to tread carefully and double check that it's a reasonable course of action.
  4. Hey all! Just looking for some thoughts and insights on how to approach this situation: I've been working closely with a resident in my specialty of interest on a project, but have not yet had the chance to speak with the PI (the PI is also an attending in the field I'm interested in). Would it be overkill or out of line to reach out to the PI and see about getting a letter from them down the road? Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it, and of course, it's best just to aim for 3 strong specialty letters and then settle if it's not possible. Just wanted some insights as to what to do if you never run into staff during an elective? I imagine this is still valuable since you still get face time w/ residents, but I simply just don't know how to work around this.
  6. Hey all! Congratulations to all those who matched!! A question about reference letters--the class of 2022 is officially not getting visiting electives. Do you guys think that competitive/small programs will still expect 3 letters from attendings within the field? Thanks
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