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  1. Hmm this is interesting. Maybe it’s the Casper Test that’s lowering your chance? I can try to help you
  2. I need some help. I got accepted to western, but I am on waitlist for McMaster. I was wondering if I can still get an offer for McMaster even when I accept western? deadline to accept western is May 29th. But McMaster doesn’t send out waitlist offers until June 2nd
  3. Does anyone know if Ontario schools send out offers for people on waitlist regularly or is it after a certain date? I want to wait for another school before I accept western
  4. Do you know if it’ll only say something if you get an offer? Or will it also say something if an applicant is declined?
  5. Does anyone know if Ontario offers come out exactly at 12:00 am or a little later? Do you only see something when you get an offer?
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