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  1. For Ontario students - when you firmly accepted an offer- on ORPAS does the firmly accepted response show up as a hyperlink and then when you click it …does it say to choose to firmly accept or cancel? I’m so confused.
  2. Does anyone know if UofT sends offers to those on waitlist on weekends or only weekdays?
  3. I still want to be considered for other schools so do I just need to provisionally accept by May 29th (for Ontario)?
  4. If I want to still be on the wait lists for other programs - will provisionally accepting my offer to another university by May 29th meet the deadline? I’m just worried I won’t get to stay in the program i accept if I don’t get off the wait list for other programs. Any help is appreciated
  5. Your essay should be like a story and make it personal- talk about a life event that made you choose PT and all the skills that would make you great. I know leadership is a great one
  6. I just saw the uoft PT group on Facebook and there’s about 148 people in it but they only admit 110… I feel so discouraged now
  7. I think it’s a risk staying on the wait list for uoft. This is because you don’t know your position and if you are high enough on the list then you have no clue if they will even admit off of the wait list. The admission officers can’t even give you information because it all just depends. At the end of the day all schools give you the same degree! Getting into a school in Ontario is such a big achievement on its own and I don’t think you should reject the others offers over one school. Your long term and main goal is to become a physio!
  8. Yeah I’ve heard that PBL is only beneficial for some people lol I know someone who hated it
  9. Hi, is anyone graduating in June 2021 and did you get a conditional offer for PT or OT? I was wondering when your degree conferral date is. I am worried that my degree may not be conferred on time to send my Final transcripts to ORPAS. Any help is appreciated.
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