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  1. is anyone in the same boaat (verifiers not contacted)
  2. did anyone not hear about their verfiers. it seems as though mine werent contacted
  3. Hi everyone, When uploading section 3a/3b, do you get confirmation email it has been uploaded? And, is this the only thing we have to do for tomorrow to confirm interview attendance?
  4. alas 1 pm has arrived and still no interview invite
  5. any section 3 on the portal? Nothing more for me
  6. lol yes. no worries. thanks for sharing! last year was the same with Dal, lots of waiting and stalking the portal
  7. it really does stress me out when that one person has it and we don't. I know its irrational, but wow it's stressful
  8. Also, does anyone know if all maritime applicants who meet mcat, gpa eligibility and casper get the interview?
  9. Hi everyone, I decided to rewrite my MCAT Sep 10, and I know our release scores are on October 12. Do we have a time for this? I am wondering if I should release now since AAMC says they will make available all scores including future scores. Is anyone else in the same situation?
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