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  1. Salut à tous! Je n'ai toujours pas reçu de réponses de la part de l'UdeM en DMD. Combien de refus/LA/offres sont normalement gardées jusqu'à si tard dans le processus? Et quand est-ce que je devrais m'attendre à recevoir une réponse? Merci!
  2. Hi to all, I am hoping to talk to someone who has been through the OMFS process in Canada or the US. I'm a Canadian citizen and I'll be starting my DMD next year. Any kind of advice, tips or experience that you can share can be very helpful. I may be asking this early in the process (before even starting my dental degree), but I thought it's never too early to test the waters and get more information. What to look for? What to focus on? How important are externships compared to GPA? etc... Thanks for any help you can provide! Cheers!
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