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  1. Hi everyone! For those going to western for OT in the fall we have an unofficial Facebook group chat, let me know if you’d like to be added!
  2. Hey! I’m also going to Western for OT and we’re looking for one more female roommate to join our group! Let me know if either of you are interested
  3. I actually only applied to McMaster and western and only received an acceptance to western so it was an easy choice haha
  4. Hey everyone! I accepted my Western offer for OT and I’m wondering if any females here would like to live together
  5. My friend is accepting her offer to Western and will be declining Mac OT so that will free up one spot. You're one spot closer, fingers crossed!
  6. Hey everyone! I’ve just accepted my offer to western OT and was wondering if there’s any Facebook groups out there to join as I am looking for a place to live in the fall!
  7. Hey everyone! I'm a bit late to this thread, but I was wondering if anyone knows the approximate sub-GPA acceptance of last years entering class to Western? My sub-GPA is a 3.78 and I am getting very nervous to hear back
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