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  1. Hi I’m in the exact same boat and am in BC. Would also appreciate anyone’s insights! I would also be down to make a pros and cons list together haha if you ever wanna bounce ideas off of each other
  2. Accepted to UofT on ORPAS!!! has anyone gotten an acceptance email with the campus assignment yet?
  3. Hi everyone! With a lot of admissions decisions coming out soon/tonight-ish I just wanted to drop the number for some crisis lines as news can bring up feelings of distress. Crisis phone line: +18334564566 Crisis text line: text CONNECT to 686868 In addition if anyone just wants to chat or decompress, please feel more than free to PM me-im a current crisis responder and former peer support volunteer :). Good luck to everyone tonight, we got this! <3
  4. I think every school has a slightly different policy around this. For example, I interviewed and got accepted at UBC and their competitive GPA to get an interview was an 84% for your last 45 credits, but their minimum GPA requirement to just be able to apply was 76%. I think graduate schools can’t firmly say “only apply if you have an 85% average” because then they wouldn’t make as much money collecting application fees. I think McMaster may work like you stated above in that they invite the top 250 applicants (ranked based on GPA) to interviews, so if it’s a year with higher GPAs in the pool
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