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  1. If my good grades are enough it should be good! I'm just concerned since I know some Unis disregard students who finish their Bsc part time. Thanks
  2. Thank you for your reply, I contacted a guidance conselor from UdeM today to talk about it and I will have an appointment monday. I'll update. Thanks for the info, I'll send an email to my TGDE right now!
  3. Hey there guys. I'm doing a Bsc in biochemistry at UdeM. First semester, last fall, I had to abandon two classes and I failed one because of depression following a pretty scarring experience I had. I got started on antidepressants and therapy and I've been doing a lot better. I know my grades are a LOT better this semester, but since a few of the courses I had to take last fall and cancelled were prerequisites for this semester etc, I can only take three classes for fall 2021 and two for winter 2022. Now I'm thinking that getting into medicine with a part time file is probably not g
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