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  1. AMFC data - https://www.afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  2. do you have 2 undergrads?? also you got this! its a matter of when not if with those stats!
  3. this was a collaborative project b/w my lab and another lab on campus so the authorship list is quite long. I did contribute significantly to this work so I was included in the middle of the list. this was published during the 3rd year of my UG which I am just finishing up right now. I know UBC doesn't let u put papers where you weren't 1-2 author but what about other schools? do you recommend putting it?
  4. right right that makes sense! in terms of EC I suppose I was just thinking about the top 10 UofC section which can include life experiences. but you're definitely right about maybe essays being the better place for it
  5. thank you for your input! do you think its okay that the immigration itself is more than 5 years removed from the present? I know some medical schools tell you not to use "activities" that are so old, but I am wondering if there is a limit like so for personal experience sections.
  6. for sure! I was mainly just hoping to get insights as I am concerned about inciting any possible biases on behalf of the file reviewers
  7. oops my bad! I didn't see my post so I tried again also I should probably mention that I'm not a mature applicant so this immigration experience was fairly recent. I'm 20 right now
  8. hi all, I'm applying this cycle and I was just thinking about what verifiers I can use for each activity. so I had a job at high school at a kumon and have since lost touch with my employer. they haven't responded to any of my emails on their official address, and since they're working virtually I can't even go hit them up in person. I was wondering if I can use a former coworker as a verifier, but they don't have an official email. or do you think I should ask a trusted professor who knows me to vouch for it instead? I don't know how to go about this
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