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  1. Result: Accepted VFMP Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 8:15AM PST, May 14 Degree: BSc 2021 AGPA: ~91% MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 516 (129/128/139/130) ECs: Very diverse but nothing too long term. Had a few entries with 500+ hours and a few with <100 hours. Not much clinical experience as I quit positions within a year, but stuck with some activities for 2-3 years. Had many scholarships and awards as well. Some research, but no publications. Interview: I felt pretty good about my interview overall! I would say 2-3 went extre
  2. someone just got an SMP offer too in the other thread
  3. from lurking last year... seems like everyone was informed by noon PST... hopefully this is the case this year too
  4. hiking sounds like a great way to pass the time on Friday! so true about having something to look forward to that day other than D-Day
  5. Just wondering how everyone is handling D-Day this Friday: are you going to be online checking all day, staying away from your inbox, at work, or something else? Would love to hear what everyone is going to be up to in 2 days. I'll go first: I'm planning on doing some busywork, going for a run, and other random tasks. Thinking of sleeping in as long as possible since I took the day off work, and just hopefully wake up to an email.
  6. man... the wait is excruciating....I thought D-day would be next Monday and we would get an email today to announce it
  7. Last year it seems like current med students received an update about the format of instruction (virtual/in-person) and distributed sites + an update about D-day before the admissions blog announced the date... any current ubc students who have some insight? What is everyone else doing to pass the time?
  8. that's what I was thinking! feeling like the only one going crazy not even knowing when D day will be....also doesn't help that I don't have much to keep me busy for the next few weeks
  9. Thanks for the reply, this makes me feel a bit better than waking up one day and getting a surprising email LOL... for everyone waiting with me, I guess this means we'll find out when decision day is in the next week or so!
  10. Same here! Getting verrrry nervous. From looking at past years I thought it would be May 10/second Monday in May...I wish they would tell us the date that we can expect a decision! For people who have applied in the past, do they usually announce when decision day is and does everyone get notified the same day?
  11. Wished the application was after the admissions decisions day...does anyone know when the winner is notified? I'm guessing after decision day.
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