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  1. I emailed Kelly. I'm from NS. I was just thinking that it would be harder to get in since most people from NS would likely want to stay in province. Idk how many waitlists there are though.
  2. I was told that I am midrange on Dal PT waitlist. Anyone received any words from Dal regarding where they are on the waitlist? It seems like I don't have a chance unless I'm at the top of the list.
  3. Well, let's hope for the best for both of us. Dal admission is such a mess to deal with.
  4. I have the exact same GPA and I'm also NS resident, also on the wait list....Do you know where you were on the wait list last year?
  5. This is been my experience dealing with Dal admissions. At this point I don't wanna go there anymore because of their bad communications. But I'm gonna try my best to get a proper answer from them. It's not only unfair to me but also to other students who are applying/will be in the future.
  6. I tried calling multiple times and nobody responded because everyone is working at home. I totally agree. It wasn't my fault that the error happened. I'm gonna ask around to see who else I can contact. I'm just frustrated because when I email someone they either told me to contact OT or forwarded my email to them without trying to help.
  7. Just writing here to see if anyone could help me/have suggestions for my situation. I completed my application for Dal OT in October and as far as I know my application is 100% completed. But when I checked Dal Online, it shows that I only have one reference letter. I emailed OTadmissions and Kelly told me that they received no reference letters (?). So I emailed Dal Graduate Studies and Electronic References to confirm and they told me that they have received both reference letters. I copied the email and sent it to Kelly who told me she would look into it. Almost a month later I still haven'
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