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  1. Thank you everyone for your answers. I know how hard / very unlikely to be able to transfer to plastic surgery, I guess I just needed a wake-up call to be able to move on.. I'll continue down the lane in internal med and will contact the pgme in case I truly don't like it or if there are spots open in general surgery (which would probably be a bit more realistic than plastic surgery). Talking to friends and family has really helped me these past couple days. (and reading your messages too)
  2. Hi, I have always loved plastic surgery and tailored my CV and activities towards it in the hope of being chosen, but I matched into internal medicine instead. While I am happy, I can't help but think I'd like to give it another try... Would it be possible for me to participate in future carms match cycles as a resident and hopefully transfer into plastic surgery? Or is this the end to that dream? Thank you for your inputs
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