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  1. I had the same question! I don't believe they count since practicums have an in placement aspect. Practicums/co-ops/placements all fall under the same category of marks that are not included in OT calculations (I think).
  2. Hello everyone! Has anyone taken an undergrad degree with a CO-OP stream? If so, did you feel it positively impacted your chances of getting in? Between work terms and academic semesters my volunteer experience is limited and I wanted to see if CO-OP makes a difference. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! I've seen the mention of the website whatsmygpa.ca on here for calculations. I was wondering how accurate it is? Has anyone used it before and compared it to their applications calculations? Just wondering and looking for some insight!
  4. I can't find anything about it! I wonder if they removed it because nothings coming up, for OT at least!
  5. Thank you so much! Do you know where the McMaster exception is listed? I can't find any place where it lists 1000 level courses are not considered into the sGPA average. I am interested in OT but have two 1000 level course in my 4th year. I really appreciate this clarification, thank you!
  6. hi everyone! Congrats to all those accepted this cycle! I'm looking to apply next year and just had a quick question about sGPA calculations. If you take classes at the second or first year level in your last 20 credits do they not count? I know 300/400 level courses are preferred but I thought all levels were included (in Ontario). Any clarification would be appreciated!
  7. Hi! Can anyone offer some clarification into how ouac calculates GPA with part-time summer courses? I don't really understand the description they have on their website and I'm looking to apply to OT next year. I took a few part-time summer courses that I hoped would count for my sGPA calculation. Do they count individually or is it the average of all the part time courses together? Thanks! :)
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