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  1. Hi! No I actually didn’t see any threads about that, but on their gradCafe admission post they said their gpa was 3.18, which I believe the requirement was at least 3.3 on a 4.0 Canadian scale I did my undergrad at Mac so i know when they say at least B+, they really mean it. the GPA requirement is a hard cutoff line, especially for first round offers, and especially this program is quiet competitive (sigh) unless the applicant has extraordinary experiences in the related field of study, it’s still rare to see Mac accepting students with GPA lower than requirement if they have an a
  2. Hi! Nope, I think they started making decision last week for international students (but i only saw one update from GradCafe as mentioned above and they got rejected with GPA not actually meeting the requirement). I guess domestic students still need to wait a bit longer. Also I noticed they said on their official website that they are making decision for international students in late april (but they actually started in mid-April ) so i'm hoping we don't need to wait until mid-May because I've been waiting since Nov and am getting nervous lol Fingers Crossed and hope for the b
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