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  1. Never hurts to try, but it's going to be difficult unless your ECs are next to amazing. There are only spots for 20 OOP applicants, and the lowest GPA I've heard get in from OOP is 89
  2. Do you think it would be "safer" if the Ytb channel is for the Korean audience? I just think there would be a marker for a foreign med school student concept aimed at the Korean audience.
  3. Being a med school student can be seen as quite unique in our society, considering how selective the system tends to be. If a student begins a Youtube channel showing his or her life as a med school student on film, some may see that the person is capitalizing on how "unique" or "rare" the position is. That in and of itself is not ethical, but given how the purpose of medical school is to produce doctors, or people who are supposed to take care of the diseased, hurt, or socially marginalized populations, would it be ethical for a med school student to seek fame using his or her position?
  4. So I know a similar post was made by 'Excelerate your breath' before, but I see his case as a no-brainer for continuing work since he has a near-90 GPA. I think this topic fits better with my situation where I don't have a good GPA nor good ECs. I'm considering whether to do a second undergrad or continue developing my poor ECs for 2 or so years and kind of see where my applications go before doing a second undergrad or a masters degree. I know one option is to do a masters, but I don't want to jump into a masters degree right away because I'm already 24 and I would have to miss 2-3 more
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