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  1. Interesting thought - I hadn't considered that. I assumed that they were allowing for possible COVID-related delays, but perhaps they're changing the review process. If that is the case, definitely good news for OOPs!
  2. I don't think high school physics would be sufficient. For example, fluids are a big part of MCAT physics, and I do not believe they are taught at the high school level (I took high school physics 10 years ago so things might have changed). I would check the MCAT Physics topic list and try to pick a course which covers many of these topics.
  3. I know the MUN site says that everybody will receive invites by December 15, but does anybody think it might be earlier? Just wondering if this differs from other years, as I know they tend to come out in October. As an aside, MUN does not confirm receiving MCAT scores, correct? I've released mine to CaRMS but am paranoid that I've done something wrong.
  4. Just go with whoever is the most familiar with your work and abilities. I feel like the best reference letter is one where the referee clearly knows a lot about you and is able to speak to specifics about your personality and accomplishments.
  5. I spoke to admissions last month and they said that they tend to recommend 127 in CARS. Having said that, as a NB applicant, your application will be considered holistically and I'm not sure that a low score on one section would really matter if the rest of your application is solid.
  6. Yes! I was lucky enough to join the registration queue right away and still had 12000 people ahead of me in the system. I managed to get a spot but they all filled up immediately after.
  7. So, I know that the admissions staff is aware of this issue and it seems that a lot of people have reached out... I wouldn't worry quite yet, as I can see some changes being made either by admissions or the AAMC to accommodate more individuals.
  8. I can't see admissions being flexible about the deadline. The deadline this year aligns with most other years, it was just extended last year due to the pandemic. An individual at admissions told me that AAMC will sometimes offer additional MCAT slots if all slots fill, so maybe there's some hope there?
  9. Hi there, Your best bet is to reach out to administration. Everybody is helpful and would be happy to answer any questions. It isn't worth worrying over!
  10. Hi all, I'm in the process of studying for the MCAT and honestly keep spiraling and losing motivation because I often feel that I will not be able to overcome my low GPA. I have an otherwise very strong application (currently in a management level position in a hospital after completing a Master's in medicine), and have even been told to follow through with my application by individuals familiar with the admissions process. I guess I am reaching out for a chance at getting some reassurance and am wondering if anybody could share any cases of people being admitted to medicine w
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