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  1. Does anyone know if academic practicums count towards your sGPA? On the ORPAS website it says they do, but I saw on past years forums that they don't count? Not sure if this has changed recently (which could explain it). If anyone in this forum has taken a practicum, was it counted in your sGPA?
  2. Hi everyone, I am not applying until next application cycle but I just wanted to confirm something about sGPA calculation. I'm just in the process of sorting out my courses for next year and I just want to make sure I'm putting myself in a good position to ensure that I can keep my GPA high. I am going to be applying next year, which for reference I just completed my fourth year (doing a fifth year to boost my average, get more PT experience as a uni student, adding a psychology minor onto my degree, etc.). Looking back at my last 20 credits (half year courses) at the time of applying:
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