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  1. Hi everyone, Applications for many schools will be opening up in two months! I thought I'd get the ball rolling a little early! Applied + (PT or OT?):Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpaPerceived strength of essays/interviews/references
  2. I have a question for anyone who is doing OT. Do you have physio experience? A clinic agreed to me volunteering with the physiotherapist. I have been struggling to find OT services to shadow. Is this solid experience to have? I am very happy with my resume at this stage, but feel some shadowing will be the cherry on top. Thanks in advance!
  3. I will warn you that Hamilton is not affordable. A typical 1 bdrm will cost about $1500 + utilities. Student housing might be a different story
  4. I will warn you that Hamilton is not affordable. A typical 1 bdrm will cost about $1500 + utilities. Student housing might be a different story.
  5. This is very good to know! I was initially a prospective applicant to a masters in social work. The program requirements are equally competitive as OT programs, but most applicants have a minimum of 3,000 hours! It's so crazy, and gives me a bit of anxiety when thinking about how to have a competitive application to an OT program. Congrats on your acceptance to U of A!
  6. From what I understand, it isn't necessarily where you have experience, but rather how that experience has influenced your choice to pursue a career as an OT. I will say that I have been stressed about this myself. I am thinking of leaving my current job as a support worker to pursue a contract job doing administrative work for low income populations. I could be very wrong since I have not applied to an OT program yet, but I believe working with different populations is a key factor to understanding different challenges.
  7. How many students actually get shadowing experience? I have paid experience coordinating cycling rides for a municipality, cycling recruiting and coaching youth, and work as a support worker for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities. With these experiences I am worried my application will not be competitive. I'm sure we are in the same boat with COVID complicating a lot of things.
  8. Hi everyone! I'll be applying to OT schools this fall in Ontario. I was a prospective MSW student, but have been more interested in OT! I am confused about interviews. I have seen posts that say schools will interview you as long as you meet their GPA minimum, which I believe is about 3.3. I have seen other posts that say schools take the top 200 GPAs and only interview those people. Which one is true?
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