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  1. Maybe I am wrong as I have not looked at previous data, but all I can tell you from my lived experience this year is that I know a lot of people who were going for medium competitiveness specialties such as psych, neuro, anesthesia, ortho who matched to alternative disciplines. I am sure that this may happen at any other school, but it's hard to be competitive when you are at a 3 year medical school, especially with the current CaRMS climate. I am just puting this message out there so people are aware what they are getting themselves into. Again, there is no problem in pursuing U o
  2. I'd not recommend the U of C program if you are interested in anything other than FM or IM. More than 40% of our class interested in anything other than FM or IM matched into alternative disciplines/choices that was not their first choice. It was actually quite sad, given that most of these people were very smart and hardworking. While for the most part 50% match to their top choice specialty, the remainder did not. I have friends who were interested in neurology, EM, Anesthesthesia, OBS/GYN match to an alternative discipline in CaRMS. Right now, we also have students unmatched from ENT, anes
  3. I have no connections with any field other than ENT. If ENT rejected me after doing a month of electives with them at my home school, there is no reason why they wont reject me again. I am also so disappointed that IM is not an option this year. I really want to specialize and not be a generalist. I really do feel out of options.
  4. I applied to a ENT and recently went unmatched. Right now, there are no spots in second iteration that I am interested in, and my school is trying to convince me to apply to whatever is available. Now, I was happy to settle for IM - but even IM is not an available option this year. I really don't know what to do and I feel uneasy doing another year with a high chance of going unmatched again given the limited chance of doing electives due to the restrictions. For people who settled with FM, did you manage to like it? People are convincing me to apply to it - given that having a job is better
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