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  1. Yes, sorry I meant to say that - what’s ridiculous is that they don’t want us to email them to confirm that they received the signed document and deposit.
  2. I mailed the cheque and the form together. I have a question too: In the letter it says that we shouldn’t email them to ask if they received the form and money, but that they will let us know on the 11th if they received it. Does anyone else find it bit ridiculous, given that the deadline to accept and pay for the deposit is the 11th?
  3. For those who got in at U of Alberta for OT, where in your acceptance letter does it specify which campus you got in?
  4. I just got an email telling me that I got in!
  5. You email the admissions director at the campus you got accepted to. Which school did you ultimately decide to go to?
  6. For those who attended the U of Toronto’s OT zoom open house today, what do you think of it?
  7. For those who attended the U of Toronto info session for OT, what did you guys think?
  8. As far as I know, not yet. Where are you on the waitlist? I have a feeling that the admissions office will do it “in bunches”...so might not be sending out offers of admission for those who got off the waitlist every day, but will send them out every other day/every few days/once a certain number of people decline their offer.
  9. Funny, I wish we could just swap acceptances as I’m hoping to get off the U of A OT waitlist so that I can decline my U of T OT offer!
  10. I haven’t heard that anyone has yet...after all, it still has only been like 3 days since the Ontario schools released their acceptances. I think that we’ll begin to see movement next week, and probably a big wave after May 29th (as it is the last day to accept an Ontario offer). It’s good to keep in mind that a lot of people accept and pay their deposit for several schools, and typically make their final decision close to the last deadline. So, I would suspect that even though many of those who decided to go with an Ontario school rather than U of A...will probably not decline ju
  11. I hope you get off too! Do you think top of the list is # 1-50, middle is 51-100, and bottom is 101-150? Also, from my understanding the first 60-80 people got in last year. Usually it’s closer to 50-60 people. I suspect last year, more people got off the waitlist because it was a COVID year...which meant online lectures, travel uncertainties (between provinces even...like the Atlantic bubble). I think this then prompted the U of A to increase their waitlist just in case if this year is like last year’s. Which it may or may not be... Again, I hope this year yields th
  12. I found out that I’m at the top of the waitlist for OT at the U of A!!! I hope that it starts to move soon...once I get in, I’ll decline my offer at U of T. Hopefully then somebody too well get of the waitlist at Toronto sooner.
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