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  1. Thank you so much for both of your response! I definitely feel I can make a more informed decision now
  2. Thank you for your response! Does Queen's life sci allows enough time in first and second year to get involved in EC's and research? Or is it as academically-rigorous as uft life sci for example? Also I heard that most classes in first year are very large (1000-2000 students) so it's hard getting to know your profs well - is that true?
  3. Thank you for your response! I agree with everything you said, my only concern is whether the neuroscience specialization at Western is really that much better than Queen's that it's worth sacrificing a huge financial scholarship for ¯\_( ❛.❛ )_/¯ Also in response to what you said about undergrad not being important, won't doing a specialization in neuroscience increase someone's chances of matching to a neurology residency further down the line?
  4. I got a scholarship for Queen's that covers my entire tuition, but I heard that keeping up a high GPA and getting involved in EC's is super hard in the life sci program. This option is also a an hour further away from home. Despite being a smaller program (250) the fact that first year classes are 1000+ students is not so appealing about Queen's. What makes things super conflicting is I also got a scholarship for Western's Medical sciences, which is a bit closer from home but I still have to live in residence. The scholarship here is worth almost $ 14K less. As someone who wants to speci
  5. I'm curious, what program did you do at Queen's? I heard Queen's Life sci was also hard to get a high GPA in, do you think that's true?
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