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  1. Hi there, How likely is it to get assigned to your third academy? How many days a week do students from PB travel to Sunnybrook? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply! Super helpful. So the funny thing is I actually did get accepted at Ottawa/Sherbrooke/Laval but the two Québec schools just aren't my vibe and I grew up in Ottawa, so U of T would be something different. I guess I am just worried about French students not being common in Toronto (or at all?) and the transition from only English medical exposure to French patient care...
  3. Hi, This may sound weird but I am really considering accepting my U of T acceptance for med, knowing I wouldn't want to stay for residency. I just don't see myself in a huge city for the rest of my life, but think it would be fun to experience it for 4 years and get the perks of U of T med. Would this affect my chances of matching elsewhere for residency? Say Ottawa or McGill? (I am a French speaker) Should I base my UGME decision on where I want to do residency? Thanks
  4. Hi!!! I am having this same decision to make, DM me!!! I feel v pressured to go to U of T because of the 'prestige' and the whole FOMO about not going. But both have many pros and cons, maybe we can talk about our perspectives together
  5. Time Stamp: 7:38 Result: Accepted GPA: cGPA 3.93 from Mcgill but idk what the wGPA was for Ottawa Stream: French Year: Gap year (graduated B.Sc 2020) Interview Thoughts: I thought it went super well other than being very nervous at the beginning! Panel was super nice, questions were expected but I had interviewed last year too and knew what to expect Also got accepted at U of T - not sure what I will pick
  6. Result: Accepted St George (had to calm down from yesterday!!!!!!!) wGPA/cGPA: cGPA is 3.93 not sure what wGPA was but something around 3.98 probably MCAT: 516 (cars was my lowest with 126) ECs: nothing crazy - research summerstudenships, triathlon club exec, parliamentary tour guide, tutoring Essays: felt OK about them but made them v personal, not a native english speaker and my mom helped me (lol) Interview: 1/4 questions felt super bad the rest went well Year: gap year (b.sc 2020) Geography: IP Also accepted in the French stream at Ottawa and some QC
  7. Bonjour! J’ai été admise à Laval en med pour 2021. Je suis ontarienne (fini l’université déjà) et attends des nouvelles des écoles en ON. Je suis hyper stressée vu la différence de prix entre l’éducation en med des deux provinces (ULaval 4 ans avec loyer coûterait moins cher qu’une année en ON). Par contre, je ne connais personne à Québec ni personne qui a fait sa médecine au QC. Est-ce que vous pourriez me parler un peu de l’expérience/atmosphère pour les candidats universitaires? Genre vie sociale, extra-curriculaires?
  8. Hi!!! Sorry to be this person but could current students give me insights on Ottawa vs Toronto to help me make my choice? School or city related would help! Thanks! Specifically, my parents are in Ottawa so it would be a lot cheaper and the prospect of Toronto debt is daunting. But after 5 years (UG) living on my own and loving student life, I am scared that going back home would be kind of a setback?
  9. Première post sur un forum mais j'espère que ça peut aider les autres? Offre: Admise Catégorie: Je suis universitaire (résidente ontarienne qui a fait son bacc de 4 ans à McGill) cGPA: 3.93 (pharmacolgie McGill) ce qui m'a donné une cote de 36,28 première fois à appliquer! Autres écoles - refus McGill, pas appliqué u de M, j'ai surtout appliqué en Ontario (qq refus) j'attends mes décisions de Ottawa/Toronto (que je choisirais avant Laval)
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