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  1. I believe there is 2 waitlists because when I asked last year, the advisor said you are in the top half of the nova scotia waitlist...
  2. i know that feeling for sure.. i am planning to send an email towards the end of May to check the status if possible... hopefully we both make it in!
  3. On May 15th last year... and never heard anything back from them other than when I asked where am I on the waitlist and they said top half
  4. I don't really know but if you find out please let us know! I was waitlisted last year and I just got waitlisted again this year I really hope I make it in this time...
  5. For sure, I believe many students could reject their letter because of the pandemic and stuff. but I could be wrong... i will def post her if I get in
  6. That's messed up... I remember when i asked last year they were beating around the bush and not giving me a straight answer... eventually they said I am in the top half of the list which doesn't tell me anything really.
  7. I applied and haven't heard back from them... I was waitlisted last year so I'm hoping this time
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