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  1. Just got off the waitlist for Queens and Western PT today, I previously provisionally accepted to Ottawa. I will be accepting my offer to Queens so there will be movement for Ottawa and Western, best of luck!
  2. I feel like there hasn’t been much movement from Waitlists lately, I’m thinking they’re probably gonna wait until June 7th when acceptances become firm for the rest of them
  3. Got accepted to Ottawa PT, 3.86 sGPA, 60 volunteer hours at a private clinic and about 300 hours working with kids with special needs and needing 1on1 support in elementary schools
  4. I haven’t...hoping there’s some movement soon, the email did say early/mid June though
  5. Who did you email and did you specifically ask for your wait list position? Thought we weren’t supposed to inquire about it?
  6. Congrats!! How long do you have to respond? 24 hours?
  7. Good idea! I’ve been Waitlisted into the upper third! Hoping to hear before June 7th before I have to firmly accept my offer to Ottawa PT
  8. I think they expired yesterday so hopefully there is some movement on Monday!
  9. Got accepted to Ottawa PT, but I’m on the waitlist for Western and Queens PT. Is there a way to accept Ottawa but stay on the waitlist for the two other schools? Or will it take me off automatically? When I go to ORPAS it says I can either “firmly” or “provisionally” accept...then it says I can select I would like to still be considered for...so does that mean I will stay on the waitlist even if I provisionally accept?
  10. 4 years varsity soccer team, student representative for my program, got an undergraduate student research award from NSERC last summer, undergrad thesis in 4th year, 60 hours of physio shadowing and exercise prescription, 400 hours working for school board with kids needing more attention
  11. Applied: PT for Queens, Mac, Western, Ottawa and Dal Accepted: Ottawa Waitlist: Dal (middle range), Western (upper third) and Queens Rejected: Mac sGPA was 3.86, thought I had strong personal submissions and references, CASPer must of gone somewhat poorly im assuming
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