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  1. Has anyone who got a waitlist offer from queens PT on Saturday received an email from the school of graduate studies yet?
  2. Has anyone heard of any movement on the waitlists?
  3. I emailed Kelly about my position on the waitlist last Tuesday and still haven’t heard back
  4. I’m not sure because it is a weekend /: they may wait until Monday to start moving the waitlist once they find out how many spots are still available
  5. Thanks you too! If you hear back from queens about your spot, let us know!!
  6. I was wondering the same thing as you. The last part of their email leads you to believe you can after May 29th! I am waitlisted at queens, western and UofT and am also very nervous lol
  7. I am on the waitlist as well and am wondering the same thing!
  8. Has anyone heard if Dal PT has started making offers to those on the OOP waitlists yet since the first round of offers has expired?
  9. Does anyone know how likely it is for someone in the upper third of the waitlist to get an offer of admission?
  10. Thanks ! I think with the Ontario schools decisions being out now, there will be lots of movement on the waitlist
  11. Do you know if you accept a spot at Dal if you get taken off Ontario school waitlists ?
  12. Does anyone know if we are allowed to contact Queens PT after May 29th to find out general placement on the waitlist? The email sent this morning said that they couldn’t “provide detailed feedback of individual applications or further information prior to May 29th, 2021”.
  13. Does anyone know when the first round of offers expire? Just wondering when the waitlist will start to move!
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