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  1. One more question for everyone haha. For those who have accepted their offer already, was there an acceptance deposit that you needed to pay?
  2. No worries at all! Also, if anyone wanted to be a part of a Facebook group chat or something so that everyone can talk and figure things out, I would be down to do that!
  3. I tried calling the school but no answer sadly. I am going to email right now and I will update you for sure!
  4. Hi guys, in the acceptance letter where it states: "To participate in the Experiential Learning portions of the Pharm.D. program, you will be required to register as a pharmacy intern with the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals prior to your first year of study. This involves paying an application fee and submitting an application and two reference letters." Does anyone know what type of reference letters they are looking for? (i.e. only pharmacy, academic, etc.) And also how soon those reference letters would need to be into the school by? I honestl
  5. Ah, okay yeah! Then likely not for the GPA but still to ensure that pre-reqs are done. Because even the first "offer of admission" email stated that the second confirmation email would be sent after they confirmed that final transcripts were sent in/all pre-reqs were completed.
  6. It definitely was both interview and final GPA, because I emailed them asking when final transcripts were due and there was a deadline of May 15th. So, although the interview was very important, they also looked at the final transcripts to make a final decision.
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