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  1. I swear for a month now I've been waking up thinking today is my day
  2. That's a good point, I sure hope it does! Does anyone know how this compares to previous years?
  3. New post on the blog! So 25 offers sent out today and the next set going to be sent next Thursday or Friday. There's still 16 people with no response from the initial offers.
  4. I'm starting to think it might not even be today... The blog said that they "anticipate" starting to move today, which doesn't sound like a finalized choice to me
  5. Hopefully this means that there will be even more waitlist movement this year compared to previous ones!
  6. We're all in this together! But I know exactly what you mean, I'm so grateful to have another chance to get in, but I swear I haven't been able to sleep in so long.
  7. I know this probably isn't something I need to worry about, but does anyone know if they tell you if your application is red flagged?
  8. Amazing What's everyone doing to fill up the last week of waiting? I need more ideas so I can keep my sanity.
  9. I heard that the verifiers have until May 7th to reply. Does anyone from previous years know how this date correlates with when decisions come out?
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