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  1. If it helps clarify things, I emailed David about the in waitlist, and he said they have offered 5 people admission. I told him I am #6 when I emailed him and he confirmed that I am now #1. I am in province and did not apply for NRC.
  2. Hi! Has anyone heard of any more waitlist movement?
  3. Wow that’s like a good chunk of the spots that could’ve been for those waitlisted.
  4. I didn’t know deferrals were an option! Is that a thing they allowed due to covid?
  5. Oh wow.. well that puts me at #5 then I suppose! I wonder if we will start seeing movement after the May 29th deadline for ORPAS acceptances.
  6. Hi! With Ontario schools offers out, has anyone emailed the UBC OT department to inquire about any waitlist movement? Does anyone know if emailing them will give us any info or are we better off just to wait? Also, bumping this thread to see if anyone has been moved off the waitlist
  7. Hi everyone, i suspect the waitlist could start moving soon as UofA has released their first round of acceptances. Has anyone heard of any waitlist movement? I am #6 on the UBC waitlist!
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