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  1. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.8X MCAT: 129 CARS Degree: BSc Psychology & Sociology EC: Personal adversities, working at various medical clinics throughout the past few years, volunteering at a brain and spinal cord clinic, serial killer research, helping family start a food truck, things I learned from a friends battle with cancer. Definitely think this was a strong part of my application. Interview: Felt really good. I honestly just tried to be genuine and as real as possible. I didn't rehearse, but knew my opinions or how I would behave in certain situ
  3. I can't tell whether I feel like I am going to burst into tears or throw up or just have a mental breakdown where I laugh so hard I cant breathe
  4. guys if we all get in, its gonna be awesome finally meeting face to face haha. we'll have to admit our real names lol
  5. omg sorry haha that is definitely not my intention. It is honestly calming mine a bit to post here and talk to everyone. 10000% agreed with the self care!
  6. get some food in your body!! even if its a smoothie. you'll need the energy for whenever these slow pokes send these emails out.
  7. Hahaha it’s crazy what this process can do to us!!! I seriously don’t know how much longer I can wait without internally combusting
  8. Aw man I get that for sure. Hopefully you get to give them a big surprise today instead!
  9. I know... it is so weird to me they have 135 spots and 150 offers and 188 people on the waitlist. its almost cruel to the people at the bottom of the waitlist, because chances are they ain't getting in this year. THEN you don't even know where on the waitlist you are. The process is sooooooo frickin weird!!!
  10. Ugh I know. It is soooo rough. That would be a dream come true. Are you working?
  11. I KNOW!!! Also I wonder what would happen if a verifier doesn't get back to them and someone is on the offer list/waitlist. Only because of covid, so many people aren't in the office or they're working from home etc. IDK.
  12. tell me about it. I haven't slept well in weeeeeeks lol
  13. Have you seen sense 8? It’s amaaaaazing. Wholesome but also action sci fi
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