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  1. Based on your post, I assume you've attended UG at both US and Canada? Can I ask did you end up in US or Canada for med school. I thought people usually like to describe Canada med school as a lottery process (but I think luck factors in for either country), which country do you think has more unpredictable admissions?
  2. Thank you for your advice. 2) I wasn't aware Canadian schools use A+ grading, that is good to know! 4) For tuition, the cost difference for UG is around 1k a year, so it's not that big, but definitely much more expensive in US for med school. 5) I guess I wasn't clear with my wording. My intention was to say that other provinces excluding Ontario have IP preference and that limits me to apply to mostly only Ontario schools. In terms of the applicant population for both countries, what's your opinion? Do you think the international US pool or the Ontario pool is full of more com
  3. Hello, a fellow high school student here. I'm really debating where should I do my undergrad if my ultimate goal is just to get accepted into any medical school. I'm a Canadian citizen but I'm doing high school in the US. My two options for college are 1) go to my decent state school in US and 2) go to UG in Ontario, Canada. Yes, I know competition is fierce in Canada (especially Ontario), but the acceptance rate for an international student in the US isn't much higher, IMO (Ontario acceptance rate is ~15%, US international student is ~17/18% although it may be slightly higher for canadia
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