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  1. Hey thanks for the reply! I have 128 total credits, I'm not sure what that is in FCEs? Some are 4,3 and 2 credits, some are 1 credit courses. My ECs are really good (I've had a high EC score each time I've applied to UBC, that's why I say that). I've been researching for 5 years, have authorships (not 1st or 2nd however), lots of leadership, scholarships (top scholarships), been volunteering at multiple clinics and hospitals since 2015... etc.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently in my GAP year (graduated last year with my Bachelors Degree), and I'm not sure if I should retake the MCAT. I got 1 interview this year and was rejected after the interview. My CARS is 127. My MCAT score is 513. I'm IP for BC. Would it be beneficial to retake? For American Schools how bad does a retake look? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I've completely finished my degree at UBC. My total GPA is 3.83 (on OMSAS scale, conversion decreases GPA) and 88.3% at UBC, with AGPA, when applying to UBC, I have an 89% GPA. I'm also IP for UBC. I was wondering what to do to improve my GPA? I've finished my degree, I haven't been in school for roughly a year (currently on a gap year). I interviewed at one school this year was rejected. Should I do a second degree? Retake courses? Do a Masters (GPA boost for UofT)? Do I have a good shot at UofT? I don't think I get the wGPA boost because I did co-
  4. Yes waiting on Queens, and I do have the button..... Now, in previous years it meant you got accepted. Last year it meant you got WL or R for McMaster, what could it be this year? Who knows.. Either way, we wait until tomorrow to find out!
  5. Does everyone have the reset responses button this year? I have it as well, but no decision yet.
  6. I speculate not much at all. It was 15 minutes, and the questions they asked were very probe-y, seemed like a red flag test if anything. I don't think a 15 minute interview would be worth more than reference letters, ABS and especially the 1 hour MMI.
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