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  1. Hey guys! Congrats to everyone on their acceptances! I am wondering if anyone else is also looking for a male roommate who is also going to Western for PT! If anyone would like to connect about housing and all that feel free to message me!
  2. I am out of province, so I am wondering how scholarships and all that work? Do you need to apply for them or is it automatic? Just looking for some insight on all that haha
  3. Does anyone know exactly how many out of province applicants U of A takes typically for PT?
  4. If I may ask, are you an in province applicant or out of province? I know that a minimum of 15% of the total seats are given to OOP applicants which is pretty slim.
  5. I was waitlisted for the U of A PT program. Out of province applicant. Any idea how many people are usually waitlisted, how deep they usually go down the list and if they disclose the waitlist position?
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