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  1. Did anyone from OOP actually get accepted to Dal OT? OOP acceptances are usually low for all schools, but I'm not sure if it's worth even applying now.
  2. No. I contacted admissions a few days ago to see if they were at or near capacity yet, but didn't get a response.
  3. They don't necessarily have a 40% OOP cohort. They have a class size of 66 and they have a certain number of seats that are reserved for Atlantic students, but the rest of the seats are not guaranteed for OOP. The entire cohort could technically be Atlantic students.
  4. I'm not 100% sure how they calculate sGPA and whether the last semester that ended in April counts, so it would be in the range of 4.09-4.12 /4.3. I got 4.3 on the prereqs. My references were strong. However, I found the character limit for the supplemental essay challenging. I wanted to include a lot of the items that make me stand out, but I had to sacrifice some of the flow of the writing. My score on that section will really depend on what they're looking for.
  5. It would be darkly humorous if after all of our fretting they've just been notifying people alphabetically. I would bet they're at least somewhat organized by grouping, but who even knows. What was your sGPA?
  6. The GPAs are all so close for Dal OT. I don't understand how they decide when the application has such limited information. Like tiny spot for your personal statement, two references which are obviously going to be great, and I'm assuming everyone has a 4.3 or similar for the pre-recquisit anatomy and physiology courses. I see why other schools have more open ended questions or the Casper. All of our applications are basically the same.
  7. None of us can actually say if coops help. We either did one or didn't. My coop was the final semester, so it wasn't a consideration for my applications, but if I need to reapply next year I would assume it would be a boost Since I did well. Like shadowing experience, it demonstrates interest in the setting and shows that the candidate likely understand the role of an OT/PT.
  8. I've seen a few people (including me) who were put on the wait list. I'm sure there have been a few OOP acceptances sent, as well, but I don't think they've posted here.
  9. I don't have any extra knowledge, but I'm betting that they're staggering it just to decide how many to put on the waiting list. I don't have high hopes that I'll make my way off the waiting list (although obviously I really want to)
  10. OOP Dal OT Applicant and got waitlisted today, as well. ~4.12/4.3 sGPA No idea about the waitlist order
  11. Yep! That's the same! I simplified it by assuming that all of the courses were weighted the same, but it's slightly more complicated if you have courses that are worth varying amounts.
  12. You have to convert each grade and then calculate the GPA. So if your grades for a semester were 80, 91, 87, 90 and 93, that would translate to (3.7+4.3+4.0+4.3+4.3)/5=4.12 This conversion would be school dependent, so I don't know if an 80 would be 3.7. But the idea between how to calculate the GPA is the main point.
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