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  1. Where do you do your second residency? Do you get to choose the university? And is there a return of service after the second residency?
  2. I've seen residents ask medical students about the candidates from their cohort. I've also heard of candidates getting blacklisted by the residents (ex: e-mailing the program director to tell them that they don't want to work with a certain candidate)
  3. Interesting that she's a forensic psychiatrist, probably the specialty where this is the most important
  4. If you do a combined residency (ie IM+EM) in the US, would you be able to work in either specialty in Canada? (After sitting the boards of course) Also, typically what are the strings attached? any ROS obligations?
  5. What happens when the number of years of residency in a specialty is different between the 2 countries? For example, if someone finishes FM (2 years) in Canada and wants to work in the US (3 years)? Or if someone finishes IM (3 years) in the US and wants to work in Canada (4-5 years)?
  6. I would e-mail them now, and then you can send them a reminder when you get closer to the CaRMS date.
  7. You can ask for reference letters retrospectively, just shoot them an e-mail (just remind them of who you are: send them your eval, a small summary of some of the things you did during the rotation, CV, photo)! Don't stress about it too much, most of us our average, that's actually how "average" works.
  8. What are the biggest stressors in your job?
  9. Why would the school do this? It's in no one's best interest...
  10. Do you get payed more when you moonlight? Or it's the same billing codes?
  11. Interested in psych. I know there are combined adult/child & adolescent psych 5 year programs in the US, but in Canada, it's 5 years + 2 years of fellowship. If I were to return to Canada afterwards, would the fellowship be recognized?
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