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  1. Hey yes I’m out of province. I was given an initial seat recommendation which I accepted. Received confirmation/final acceptance yesterday from the faculty of graduate studies
  2. Official acceptance letters sent from FGS!
  3. I’m waiting too. Let’s keep each other updated once one of us receives it! I’d hate to miss the email if it was sent to some strange folder/junk mail.
  4. Didn’t get into the only Ontario school I was eligible for, queens. GPA- 3.97, cGPA 3.95, which leads me to believe that either my CASPER or personal submissions were extremely poor. Feeling bummed, I really thought my answers clearly reflected who I was and aligned well with the requirements of the profession.
  5. I am in the same boat! Responded and accepted the seat, but haven’t heard anything back yet. I think I will be a bit anxious until I have the official letter from the admissions committee rather than just the “seat recommendation”. Looking forward to getting more info and hopefully getting started
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